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Michael Hackett
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Re: Knees and Shoulders - avoiding damage

Hi Dusko,

You can get hurt in Aikido, and hurt badly. Most don't, although all of us get bumps and bruises now and again. I personally don't feel that there is much to worry about specifically concerning shoulders and knees. Your knees will get sore from seiza and suwari waza, just like everyone else. Your shoulders will get sore from being pinned, but you can mitigate that by not being macho and tapping out when you are controlled and before the pain sets in. Just ease into the training and pay attention to your basic ukemi. Take it easy and trust your sensei to help you progress. Eventually you will be able to do everything on the mat safely. Truly the best thing you can do is to leave your ego and any sense of machismo at home - that's what will get you hurt. Give it a try and have fun at it.

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