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Re: Knees and Shoulders - avoiding damage

You MUST buy the nice, expensive kneww pads my friend!! This is a MUST! I bought mine at Wal-Mart and they are a life saver. Do this BEFORE you take a class because you will probably be doing a lot of techniques on your knees.

Mine are black and work great.My knees get a little sore sometimes after class but in a few hours they are fine. I've been doing Aikido for a while now and I have no problems jogging or walking.

Your knees will be fine as long as you wear some type of nice pads. You may also want to wear white socks during class or buy the things some dojos sell to wear. I do this to protect my feet while training. when you get up fast to start a technique, your toes may get something like a carpet burn. So protect them also.

You'll be fine.
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