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Knees and Shoulders - avoiding damage

Hallo all,

I am planning to start training Aikido now in September and am still researching to see weather Aikido suits me or not.

The MAIN reason for me willing to train Aikido is the development of Ki and being able to develop the ability to live in harmony with all of creation.
I would also like something physical so mere meditation isn't an option.
After reading many threads here on the forum I see that many get injured knees or shoulders, even though I felt this being a "peaceful" martial arts
You see my younger sister trained Judo many years ago. During the competition she hurt her knee and it was so bad she could not continue training any longer. Even today she has problem with it when running.

I am not willing to get in a position where my knee or shoulder gets hurt bad Is there a possibility to train without getting damaged?

Even though considered peaceful art it still hurts people doesn't it? Some of you might say "only if you resist" so, I could pay a huge price with my damaged shoulder or knee just because I wasn't aware enough of my or Tori's Ego issues? I am right?

Is there a possibility to train solo?

The more I read about people being hurt the less I like the idea of joining my Dojo. If I am into getting hurt or hurting people I would no doubt join kick-boxing but I am not. I am trying to find harmony and peace within me and without me and apparently Aikido is that. Or is it?

Is there any other peaceful martial arts which are knee/shoulder safe for me to consider?
I was thinking about Iaido maybe? Does Iaido focus on Ki developing?

Even Kendo came to mind, I know it is not that peaceful but kind of protected behind the Bogu and I feel one can not damage the knees nor shoulders that easy in this martial art. What say you?

Try and understand after seeing my sister having knee problems and not being able to go jogging makes me think twice to join or not to join Aikido the peaceful martial art.

Help with advice please

Kind regards, Dusko

"Accepting what Is. You don't try to change it. You don't run from it and you don't try to fight with it. You just accept it and embrace it."Aikido
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