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Re: Student Intake Questionnaire

As a new student with zero martial arts background, looking for a Dojo, I would find that list of questions a bit intimidating and would either answer them all and go to the dojo feeling very off balance or I would simply have not tried even going.

Given the private status of the dojo listing the questions I can understand the need they might have but it may also cause them to loose a potential member who like me starts out very unsure and maybe not appearing the type to stick with it to someone like me who falls in love with aikido and considers it a necessary part of life.

The choice I made to join my dojo was based on the very inviting friendly and upbeat correspondence from Sensei Garth Jones as well as the equally reassuring and inviting attitude of Sensei Tara Meyrs.

I don't see the questions as right or wrong to ask. Certainly if it had been on the list of the ones I was looking into this would have put it low on my list of places I would wish to take a closer look at.
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