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Garth Jones
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Re: Student Intake Questionnaire

On their website, Still Point Aikido states that they closed to the public as of May 31st of this year and that they are a private dojo. They only take new students after an interview, which presumably includes the questionnaire.

I would personally find such a list of questions, and their tone, fairly off putting, but it is their dojo and their rules. They will, I suspect, only get a small number of people who are all right with their entrance requirements and commitment level, but that's probably what they want.

I certainly understand the frustration of having beginners wander in, train for awhile, and then vanish without letting me know they won't be back. That being said, many of our best students were not too sure how deep their interest in aikido was at the beginning but they have become more dedicated as they have trained. Many years ago, I was such a student, yet here I am.
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