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Re: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder???


I would love to talk to you about this issue. I am Aikidoka, Army Combatives Instructor, and a BJJ instructor, currently in the Army.

I have encountered PSTD type issues when training soldiers in MACP. I am hesistant to diagnose as I am not trained to do so, nor I am a professional. I have noticed several times during the course that a few soldiers have "issues" or seem to be a little more "serious" or tensed up about there trainining. Talking to them after class, it is apparent to me that they were affected by there experiences "downrange" in some way and the training we were doing was very real and "attached" for them.

I personally think any kind of training be it yoga, aikido or what not can me good, and I think it would be good to start something at a VA center for folks.

I do agree with Lynn though, as therapetic as it may be, it is not is simply a program of martial exericse for them that may serve as a "healing" process.

Working close with Doctors, clinical workers, and other professionals would definitely be key.

I think that martial training is good upfront to help soldiers get in touch with their warrior self, and I personally believe that it does a good job of preparing you for combat and I hope and feel that it might lessen the impact of PSTD in some folks, but, of course, this is just my opinion, and again, I do agree with Lynn Seiser!

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