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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 14

Hello Fred,

Many thanks for the constructive response. A few comments.


Fred Little wrote: View Post

Where his current conclusions differ significantly from mine in 1995 -- especially his assertion that the influence of Deguchi and Yamaguchi was ultimately stronger than that of Shingon; I generally concur. What disagreement I have is fairly minor and nuanced: Your choice of the phrase "order of influence" makes me uneasy, as does Peter's emphasis on "indirect influence," not because I disagree regarding the comparatively greater weight of Deguchi's influence, but because both phrasings carry less than felicitous connotations regarding the sequence of influence, which I still believe may incorrectly minimize the effects of his early exposure to Shingon.
PAG. The think the 'indirect influence' was more baldly stated in the above post than in the column itself. I have been careful to keep Shingon and Shinto influence as separate as possible, in relation to kotodama. In particular, I have not looked in great detail at the writings of the Yoshida / Urabe family, for example, for a view on the blending of Shinto and Buddhism before the nativists came along.

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There is still much that isn't clear about Ueshiba's early engagement with Shingon, his turn to Oomoto-kyo, and the question of whether (at least in his mind) the turn toward Oomoto-kyo marked a turn away from Shingon, or whether it was just an example of the kind of functionalist "division of labor" that seems so common among the Japanese, who see no conflict between multiple religious affiliations. I'm inclined to see a direct influence from Shingon that was overpowered by the demotic appropriations and heterodox bricolage of Deguchi,
PAG. Yes, and all we have to go on are the edited discourses and the doka.

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but that's less a substantive disagreement than evidence of the kind of scholastic parsing and ritual language that I'm swimming in while writing a draft of my disseration this summer.
Best regards to all,

Fred Little
PAG. Best wishes. I am reminded of finishing my own Ph.D. thesis. Have you set a severe deadline for finishing the dissertation? Who are the examiners, by the way? (I recently became a life member of the AAS.)

P A Goldsbury
Kokusai Dojo,
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