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Re: tori vs. dori

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Many of the current Aikikai publications refer to 'Tori' as the person executing the technique... which makes me wonder about the usage of 'nage', which is still heard in many dojos... was this a recent change?
How I understand its use within our organization it is as follows:

Tori is the receiver of the attack and Uke is the attacker.

Nage [waza] refers to the type of technique, which is throwing.
[i.e. whereas Katame waza would be pinning tech.]

So the tori [person in the attack] would know that it is a Nage [throwing] technique being executed. [though to some point its moot once you know the techniques]



Though the technique names already tell you whats being done for the most part, as far as throwing is concerned. [i.e. Shio Nage, Irimi Nage, Kaiten Nage, etc.] The same does not hold true for Katame Waza.

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