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Re: Re: fear of retribution by associations

I think realistic is more like it.
1. Yes there are some aikido instructors who are thin skinned-as evidenced by the AAA shodan stating he was threatened. I personally experienced one instructor who was very offended by anyone questioning him. His senior mudansha students brought up some issues and we were read up one side and down the other by his wife about being disrespectful, etc., etc. He demanded respect yet didn't respect his students and later had an affair with a younger woman and dumped the wife-apparently respect was only important to her.
2. It can be an issue of saving face with some instructors.
3. Some might just prefer to quietly go about leaving and don't want to rock the boat while searching for a new home.
4. Some issue would be better address one-on-one with the powers to be.
5. I feel the anonymous forum should allow people to air issues they would rather not be identified with-even if it's just to not get a lot of crap.