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Re: Preventing a dojo coup

Ashley Carter wrote: View Post
...I was the one several of the lower rankers came to for them to rant. It left me no one to rant to. You are left in a very precarious position. You have people ranting to you and you have to be there to listen and help them in the ways that you can. At the same time, you have to be careful of what you say because you still want to be respectful to your sensei (even in their all too frequent hiatus). You don't have anyone to talk to and if you are like me, you are left not sure what to do.

I personally could not talk to my sensei because I knew that it would be taken the wrong way. I learned from the mistakes of some other higher students before me. I often sat and pondered about what I would say and how I would go about saying it and it all got scrapped because it came back to the same conclusion that it would somehow be blown out of proportion.

Quite sad actually.... and because of this I feel like I can relate to you and your problems.
Great summary, and yes, I fully relate to what you described above.

The longer I live, the more I realize the ego that is at play, and realize how difficult it is to properly communicate what you want without it being incorrectly interpreted through someones ego.

There is a time for everything, and sometimes you have to be straight... but other times things are a bit murkier and its best to tread carefully as not to further stir the mud unnecessarily.

Admittedly the communication aspect has been a bit of a challenge for me, as I typically like to lay things on the line - but in this situation its not really feasible at this time.

Instead it seems that subtle hints/suggestions may work better to test the waters to see what the true underlying problem is. On the surface one thing is seen, but who knows what 'lies beneath'.
[perhaps he is going through something and needs space... dunno]

Part of me is surprised that he doesnt see whats going on - it really is giving a lot of people that he has an "I dont care attitude", and it well may be that. If that is the case, then there may be a repeat of people leaving as they did before. - though certain people are in a better position of bringing some of these issues up without him taking offense and havent. [as it seems they have similar concerns that I do, despite having been there longer.]


Ahmad Abas wrote: View Post
To supplement what would otherwise be a laidback schedule, you may consider inviting guest sensei's or yudansha's to provide regular instruction as well.
Your idea is great in theory, but we are little house on the prairie.
I consider it lucky there is even a dojo here.

Jesse Legon wrote: View Post
A split, whilst seeming very un-aikido and petty etc., can be a good thing in the long run if it rids all parties of tension, irritation and distraction from those they have any problems with.
I do agree with this in concept as well, just due to the present set up, not sure this would benefit Aikido in our area at the time... though, time will tell what is best, as things change when what was working no longer works... and the change actually benefits all.

Lynn Seiser wrote: View Post
An instructor not showing up?

Rather than prevent a coup, why not join one and find a place to train with consistency and ethics?
Yes, it is frustrating indeed.

I personally do not understand how someone has a dojo yet things are falling short in how things operate there. On the surface level it seems that he truly doesnt care about it, and that it may be that its just an extra source of income for him.

At the same time i have been to other places in which I have seen Aikido instructors who are quite passionate about what they are doing. [unfortunately its not close enough to go to.]

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, Im not sure that with the current set up that this village would benefit from another split. But then again, things will naturally take there course.

Thanks for all your comments, not really much more to say without blowing the whole anonymous thing...
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