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Re: Any one know of a Daito ryu group in Fresno??

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So I'm at a party on Saturday night, and I see an old friend. We start talking about stuff, and he asks me how Aikido is going. Then he says his neighbor studies some "art" with a "funny name", that is "the father of Aikido".

I said, oh, he studies Jujutsu. No says my friend, "it's got a funny name". I said not Daito ryu. Oh yeah that's it. I was surprised, and asked him lots of questions, but he didn't know much more then it was in Fresno.

He has yet to see his neighbor since we talked to ask the questions I wanted answers too. Anyways do any of you know of a website I can check for Daito ryu schools, or know if there is a Daito ryu school in Fresno California? I'm curious.
Hey, were you ever able to locate the Diato ryu dojo? I have been scouring the internet for information but from what I've been able to gather, there are very few Diato ryu dojo's outside of Japan.
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