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Re: non-Japanese cannot become shihan anymore?

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It sounds good and may offer a short period of peace. But, many feel that once the Japanese Shihan who have started to award Shihan status to American instructors pass away, all chaos will eventually breakout and we'll start to see more splits and then more topics like this one. It has already happened once that I know about.
Splits from other organizations is not always a bad thing. It really depends on the level of respect and honesty among the various organizations. Being shackled, ostracized for not being Japanese, is clearly an agenda for keeping things pure for the sake of Japanese people. A nationalistic, almost racist mindset that we don't need in America today. It does more harm, than it does promoting unity or goodwill among other Aikiodist. Let's control our own destiny. Leave nationalism to dictatorial societies.

We will always see splits in American organizations. It's part of our culture. It's also human nature. This can be promoted respectfully and with dignity.

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