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Amir Krause
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Re: Teachine outline needed

James McDermott wrote: View Post
Im a 1st Kyu goin for Shodan in December. But would like to teach to help my training for shodan. Our school has alot of classes and a rotation schedule on Saturdays for newer instructors to teach. This is where I will start and would like to have as many opinions as possible.
Thank you in advance...
Two simple advices

1 - teach as your teacher does.

Teaching M.A. is an art onto itself.
So, as you start, I recommend you to do it in the same way as any other M.A. excercise - emulate your teacher to the best of your ability.

This is also better for the students - they are used to a certain way of teaching and explenations.

2 - Teach only things you know well
Do not experiment, and do not deviate from the curriculum you know well. The students come to learn from you, not to be part of an experiment.
If you have a new idea, check it! But, do your checking somewhere else, and not with your class.

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