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Re: Preventing a dojo coup

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My husband joined an aikido dojo a long time ago. The teacher thought my husband's aikido was good & gave him a syllabus to go by. The teacher never came back! Well, he came back for testing and that was it! He stated that he didn't want to make the hour drive and thought my husband could run the class just fine. Talk about walking out.....

Just try to look at the positives and if you plan on opening up your own place, then you know what not to do right?
Yes, your right - perhaps I need to have the key - I dont miss a lesson, and now Im even teaching on the side... ah, the joys of life! lol

I cant believe your story, that is amazing... both of them. Im surprised this type of issue is as common place as it is.

But you have a point, which the others alluded to as well - the facts are as they are, and either way I must make a choice... and whatever that choice is, it must be with a positive outlook.

Thanks everyone for the comments and for 'listening' to my little rant. Would be nice if I were able to more openly discuss this, without being misunderstood, by the person who needs to hear it. [communication is a fragile thing indeed.]
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