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Re: Preventing a dojo coup

I'm sorry to hear that. I can personally speak on this from previous experiences of my own. The frustration of feeling like I wasn't going anywhere because I wasn't being taught anything new grew and grew. I realize you learn every class, but I always thought it was sad that a lower ranker knew just as much technique & kata-wise then a belter a few rungs up on the ladder. It got to the point that the sole reason I went there wasn't even for myself. I went there because I knew I had something to offer to the lower rankers and I was especially fond of teaching the children. I did end up quitting, but that was because I moved an hour and a half north. Since then, I have moved 3,000 miles away and found a great dojo that I thoroughly enjoy training at. Not the same style, but I have fun.

Anyway, I got to rambling there! My advice to you would be listen to your heart. Steven has a good idea and it might not be a bad idea for you to ask for a key. That way if he doesn't show, you all can have a free practice and can help eachother out. I do have to agree that some people just aren't good teachers. My husband joined an aikido dojo a long time ago. The teacher thought my husband's aikido was good & gave him a syllabus to go by. The teacher never came back! Well, he came back for testing and that was it! He stated that he didn't want to make the hour drive and thought my husband could run the class just fine. Talk about walking out.....

Just try to look at the positives and if you plan on opening up your own place, then you know what not to do right?

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