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Re: Preventing a dojo coup

David Maidment wrote: View Post
Perhaps your sensei is just one of those teachers who isn't very good at teaching (you mention that people have to figure out the steps for their tests on their own)? A brilliant practitioner is usually a bad teacher; I think that tends to be the rule in most fields. There are a few outstanding exceptions, but they tend not to be very common, when you think about it.
True, the irony is that his profession is a teacher at the local highschool. [but the rule you said still applies there, you can be a genius and not be able to communicate... teaching truly is a special gift which people appreciate when they find such a teacher.]

Steven Miranda wrote: View Post
Could you not ask your instructor for a key to the dojo so you and others can open and close in the event he does not show up?
The irony is that he has left the key with the higher kyus, and they dont show up either... [ironically after assuring the rest they would be there.] Dont know, as of now we practice on the side without tatami, but its not an idea situation as you have to do techniques halfway... anyhow...

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post
It sounds like what is happening again is the direct result of the teacher not fully assuming the responsibilities associated with running a school. To me, it sounds like your options are:
1) Put up with this if there is nothing else nearby as good and/or until you are ready to do something on your own.
2) Don't put up with it and act now to best address what you believe to be is in your best interests.

What ever you do, I would suggest talking directly to your teacher about what you have decided and why.
Indeed, I have tried to keep communication as open as possible, and with the looks of it seem to be the only one communicating concerning these particular issues. It is a touchy situation as its easy for the ego to flare up... so step by step.

At this point, I think it is number 1, though number 2 seems thats its being thrusted on me.
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