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Re: pronunciation... kokyuho

Drew Gardner wrote: View Post
That's really helpful, Jun. I year into training I called O'Sensei, Yoo-shee-bah to one of my sensei. He corrected me gently, without any mocking. Still, I was embarrassed. Your great efforts on that section will assist many.

k... as for embarrassment I will lay it on the line.
At my test I was so focused on what the visiting/testing Sensei wanted from me on 3 techniques which varied from what I was shown, that I messed up Gokkyo.

I swore I heard him say, "koh key ho", I said, "koh key ho?" - and he nodded yes, and this went on 3 times.
The problem was he said, what I thought, was shomenuchi kokyuho, and I know there is not a technique like that in any of my exams - at least 6th - 3rd kyu.

Then he did a gesture in the air and I was, "ah, Gokkyo!" I was so freakn embarrassed it was crazy!

Then I find out its koh - q - ho [or there abouts!] lol

Anyway, I know the techniques, just not used to hearing them called out. [As mentioned, not much dojo practice on higher level techniques, and the other stuff I do at home from memory, thus I "hear" what I think they are supposed to sound like!"

This is all good, as Aikiweb has truly been a great source in helping me along in my journey in Aikido!



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