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Preventing a dojo coup

There are several major issues in our dojo that are unresolved, and look like they may not be resolved, leading to a breaking up of the dojo... for the second time since I started training there.

A brief history:

I can remember the dojo split which happened about a year after my training. A couple of the higher level kyus got up and left, never to come back. They felt the training had reached a point where it was not affective anymore for them to train there.

Now to present day it is happening again, there are several people discontented with the current situations. Namely the instructor rarely shows up, and today didnt bother telling 4 of us that classes were cancelled, after having taken the previous week off.

This is not the first time this has happened where he failed to inform everyone, and a couple of us are left hanging out on the street, some coming from a distance to train, etc. [once happened in winter in the snow... I actually had to walk over a mile there as the car had issues, and me and another guy hung around.]

The irony is that the instructor has talked to people in the past about the necessity of showing up in order to test, as well lamenting the loss of those who said he had nothing to offer them anymore.

Another issue is that no one is ready for the exams, which has frustrated a few people there, seeing that we never go over the exam material... even for 6th kyu you have to figure out the steps yourself.

I have helped a few of these people on the side, and the frustration mounted today as we were left out on the street realizing the dojo doors would not be opening, so the comment came up that I should start my own dojo.

Realistically, I dont mind training with people on the side, but I am not at the stage where I would open a dojo - give me another year or two and I might be... So Im trying to keep the peace, do training on the side, as they - and myself - can really benefit from the instructor... when he shows up.

Its strange to me seeing someone have ownership of something like this, but not care about their own project. But, the world is more complex than we know it, and it could be their are personal issues he is going through... so its good to walk gently, hence why Im venting in the anonymous forum. [not to anonymous for most of you... but please, dont guess and put names in here.]

I dont plan on writing anything past this one post, again, more me venting my own frustration and sharing my bewilderment at the lack of ownership and enthusiasm in ones own dojo - as well as seeing that there could easily be a split.

... thats all for now.
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