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Jesse Legon
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Re: Aiki Doh's

Managed to split my trousers from knee to crotch today. Yay. My partner was supremely amused.

Once Sensei was pairing people together and I had been partnered already, so I was enjoying a long, deep, satisfying, lion-yawn when Sensei changed his mind and turned to see me yawning. He did a mini-bow and said 'shitsureshimasu' (roughly meaning 'sorry to disturb you') Whole class laughed. Oh well!

Countless aiki-dohs stemming from having poor Japanese in a Japanese dojo. I'm a gaijin and am therefore expected to make mistakes so no one seems to mind. For some reason I usually stand with the boys when I'm supposed to be with the girls, wander aimlessly round the mat when I have not understood where I'm supposed to be and once I FORGOT TO REI TO SHIHAN!! I realised as soon as I had done it and followed him around hoping for another chance, but it was not forthcoming. Oh well, he always beams at me so I got away with it I guess!
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