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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Self-Taught Iaido

I own a couple of wall hangers and a low-end shinken, but for now they're just hanging on my wall.
I suggest that you leave the wall hangers either on the wall or in a closet somewhere (mine is in the closet in the bed may not be any good for JSA, but I'm sure it would make a home intruder think twice ).

The low end sword may or may not come in handy. Most teachers require that they approve any item used for practice in their dojo. For good reason. No need to have blades flying across the room due to poor mounting or poor maintenance.

Cautionary tale...I took a few classes in a koryu sword art, enough to learn the gross movements of some entry level kata. I would practice these on my own at home. One day I inspected my saya...and found I had cut a nice groove in it, and it was about to split at the koiguchi. Couple more times drawing the sword that way and I would have been sure to cut my hand...badly.

I put the sword up on the wall and left it there, until I decide to spend the time and effort under a teacher. I strongly suggest that you do the same. Beats losing a thumb, for sure.


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