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Re: non-Japanese cannot become shihan anymore?

Jonathan Olson wrote: View Post
Your example kind of makes my point. If Tamura dies tomorrow, your five organisations lose their only direct contact with the Aikikai and have to scramble to build another one.

I'm truly surious how a country the size of Hungary ended up with five independent groups all connected to the same guy.
- Totally got the picture now... your right, it would be a mess.

- as for the second bit, I could be wrong, but it does appear that Tamura Sensei is the only Japanese Shihan that is connected to Hungary directly.

Aside from that, there is no connection to Hombu, as none of the five organizations are officially recognized by the Aikikai.

Apparently its a political rift between the organizations preventing this from happening... and why there are so many organizations as well. [Im not sure what is currently happening to bridge the gap, but I suppose we will see with time what happens.]

Part of the problem, which Peter had pointed out elsewhere, is that originally Central & Eastern Europe did not have a Shihan sent to it... So in a way we dont even have an official Shihan that was dedicated to us as it were, but Tamura Sensei took us under his wing. [seeing he is one of the super-shihans who can give rank anywhere.]

It would be nice to see this resolved, but things are not that simple as we see with the thread at hand - the rest of the world is struggling with its own issues in regards to who is what in this whole chain... [therefore some people throwing up their hands, and rightfully so, saying, "who cares, just train."

While the above statement is true, it would be nice to see harmony within Aikidos organizational framework as well -



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