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Re: non-Japanese cannot become shihan anymore?

Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post
I think that (1) the title of the thread is not quite accurate and (2) this whole discussion needs to be placed in a proper context.
I think Professor Goldsbury nailed some important flaws in this discussion here.

As has been pointed out, the idea that foreigners flat-out cannot become shihan in the Aikikai is at blatant odds with recent events. I hope it is unnecessary to add more names to the list of foreign shihan's getting recognised recently. This discussion seems to be more concerned with the difficulties (not impossibility) people outside of Japan (I would leave race/nationality out of it for now) face in getting their status recognised.

William Oakes wrote: View Post
You saw it earlier with the squashing of Saito at Iwama, bringing the end of the so called "Iwama style" So there would be just one recognized so called style for both Hombu and Iwama.
The Aikikai is the founder's organisation, not a style of aikido. When referred to as a style, people usually mean whatever style they are most familiar with within that organisation. The "squashing" of Saito sensei is another debate, but do you really think that the Aikikai wants to impose a uniform style across the organisation?
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