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I do agree with most of the statements that were written before, Aikido is not about the test or the grading. If it still is, then it is kind of a childish attitude, I hope I'm not offending anyone here...

It used to be like that for me... for the first two gradings, 5th and 4th. The board of instrutors that graded us do give us a hard time that time, 4 years ago. There was no standardized test, so basically, he was playing around with us. But, there was a purpose in this... well not "hazing", just tough love, we realize that power and strength is not everything.

We were punished by our sensei after our 4th kyu grading, because we didn't do poorly by the standards set by the organization, but we were doing poorly by his standards. We were not allowed to grade for about 1.5 years. We learn a lot during these suspension years. And grading were not that important for us anymore. The important thing was on how to make ourself better (not just in techniques - techniques don't interest me much nowadays), the grading and the rank was just a bonus for our learning.

Our test was standardized just last year. Basically during 3rd, 2nd, and 1st, there was no pressure at all, because our training were harder and better than the grading. Grading was just like an embukai for us (since we do a lot of those also during the years).

We are trying to educate our juniors that grading is not everything. Oh... and by the way, the standardized test is unbelievably easy compared what we had to go through during those 3.5 years. And yes, 5th-kyu still gets the benefit of the doubt, basically what the chairman of the board of instructors said for the 5th and 4th-kyu-ers that they test them eyes 1/2 closed. But htere is no excuse when one goes to 3rd kyu and beyond.

I'm now interested in uniting the mind and body, and the flow of ki, although I am with aikikai, my sensei and I also study with ki-no-kenkyukai (not shin-shin-toitsu aikido). I'm starting to discuss and teach this with my fellow aikido-gakusha and my juniors in order to bring the ki back in aikido in the dojo where I train.
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