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Aikido or Judo?

I admit, I have not studied Judo, and I train in Aikido, so I'm biased; but personally I would prefer Aikido, because of the distance involved between subjects. I don't really relish the idea of being as close to an opponent as in Judo.
Having said that, I don't feel one Art is ever better than another. The fact of the matter is that no Art is ever more than what you put into it. Thus what really matters is the practitioner's mindset and attitude. The best bet probably is, if you have the time and means, visit some dojos in each Art, ask around, take some classes in each to get acquainted with their philosophy, to see which one best suits YOUR worldview and philosophy, and THEN choose. There are many fine web sites and books on each Art (I'm sure your local library has some books and periodicals on the subject), which can give some more pointers and clues as to which Art bests suits you.
"Preliminary Research" is VERY important, and cannot be stressed enough, because (I guarantee it)entering a Martial Art is a life- transforming experience, and you want to be sure you make the right choice. Not so much because it'll cause some irreparable harm, but because the sooner you know where you fit, the faster you can start to train! It only takes a little of your time is worth so much in the long run.
In any case, good luck with your career; stay in touch.
Andy G.

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