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R.A. Robertson
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Student Intake Questionnaire

1) Why do you want to learn aikido?

2) Why have you chosen this dojo over your other options?

3) Do you have sufficient control over yourself and your life circumstances to make a commitment to training realistic? Are your job or school obligations likely to interfere? Does aikido fit in a balanced way with your social life and your hobbies? Does your family or home situation support you in your training?

4) These are the times that our classes are available. [Explain schedule.] Can you commit to at least two days/evenings of training per week? Can you arrive on time in order to change your clothes and help with preparations?

5) This is our location. [Give address and general directions.] Do you have reliable transportation and is this facility accessible to you?

6) These are our fees, and this is our payment policy. [Explain current fee structure and payment schedule.] Can you foresee any difficulty in meeting your fiscal obligations in a timely manner? Is this an expense you can afford without hardship? In addition to regular training, can you budget for one or two seminars per year?

7) Here are our uniform and equipment requirements, and when you are expected to have acquired them. [Explain, and discuss the particulars of dojo hygiene.] Will this present any difficulty for you?

8) This is our attendance policy. [Discuss.] Your participation is not only for yourself, but also for your teachers and fellow students. While we are not interested in intruding on your personal life, we care about your well being and will want to know if you cannot make your appointment with us. Please convey to the group via the instructor of record if you cannot make a class. Here is how you may reach us. [Give contact info.] If you need to withdraw from training, please provide ample notice. Do you agree to communicate with us accordingly?

9) Do you have any previous martial arts experience? Aikido? How long since you last trained? If you are still training, or have been training within the past year, can you provide written affirmation from your other instructor that you have left on good terms and have their blessing to train elsewhere? If you have no prior experience, can you provide three letters of recommendation?

10) Do you have any medical condition, any physical or mental limitation that you would like us to be aware of so that we may better provide for your safety and optimal training?

11) Here is our Dojo Mission and Goals statement. [Give handout or Student Handbook.] Is this compatible with your own philosophy and values?

12) Our dojo is a service-oriented organization. We do not train in aikido as sport or fitness or recreation only, but to improve ourselves and practice service to one another and to our community. Is this agreeable?

13) This is an overview of our rank and grading system. [Handout, or show in Student Handbook.] As with any educational endeavor, you may expect to be graded and to have homework. Moving through the grades in a timely manner is not for personal glorification, but to prepare you for assisting, guiding, and teaching others. Additionally, it helps us assess if we are attending to your progress appropriately. Can you set goals and make patient and reasonable progress toward them?

14) You are being provided with a copy of or access to our Student Handbook and our Policy and Procedure Manuals. Do you agree to familiarize yourself with them and keep current on any updates and revisions?

15) We are delighted that you have chosen us for what may become a lifelong relationship. Is there anything about yourself, any special qualities, that you feel would make you a valued member of our community?

16) Do you have any questions or concerns at this time that you'd like to discuss?

Name of Prospective Student:
Name of Interviewer:
Admission Approved (Yes/No)

Ross Robertson
Still Point Aikido Systems
Honmatsu Aikido
Austin TX, USA
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