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Re: non-Japanese cannot become shihan anymore?

Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post
PAG. What is your evidence for the bequeathing of the Birankai to T Miyamoto Shihan?...
Please remember that the Hombu, like the government of Japan since the Kamakura period, operates on the basis of power, interpreted in terms of efficiency, numbers, or status. At present, the Birankai has all three, but I would think that the suitability of T Miyamoto to replace K Chiba would be a major question.
Thanks again for your reply.

A friend of mine who took his shodan exam from Chiba himself in London in 2005 and had trained for some years in one of the Birankai dojos there told me that within the Birankai organization it was assumed that Tsuruzo Miyamoto would succeed Chiba when the time came. So I thought that this was the case.

The more I learn about what Doshu has to deal with, the more I understand why his hair has gone white in the past few years.


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