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Les Kelso
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fear of retribution by associations

Are Aikido Dojo Chos and Instructors so incredibly thin skinned and afraid of comments and criticism they would punish their black belts for communicating their observations and beliefs? If my students were to do such, I would be embarrassed at my own inability to foster proper respect in them, but any punishment meted out would be due ME not the students....How far does the apple fall from the tree? I am ashamed for the lack of courage shown by so called "black belts" for not having the courage of their convictions to sign their name(s)...all this anonymous junk!?!?!! Speak up! And thank you to all the Women (and few men) who HAVE shown the courage and conviction by signing their names...If my association kicks me out because of my observations and beliefs, why in the world would I want to be part of them anyway? It's very difficult to perform Aikido while securely held under someone's overbearing fat thumb!