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Re: Ellis Amdur's "Hidden in Plain Sight" Prepublication Sale UPDATE

Writing to update on the status of Hidden in Plain Sight as I've gotten a few inquiries regarding same.
1. The manuscript is in the hands of the printer. They must make a proof of both cover and layout to ensure that in the transfer from our disc to their printer, that the layout doesn't change, the the colors on the cover remain true, etc. IF all goes well, we send it back, they print and ship it. I will be receiving the books appr. one month from this date of July 16th.
2. So then I will begin shipping them, which entails signing, packing and conveying to the post office. Basically, I'll see how many orders I can process in three hour blocks each day. They'll be sent in the order of orders.
3. I am approaching the original goal of 250 prepublication sales - although they have certainly slowed down since the original announcement. Given the one month to wait, and the standing notice on this site, I am continuing prepublication sales for signed and numbered books. There will be an absolute cap of 500 numbered books. Books after 500 will be signed, without a number.
I want to thank everyone for their interest in my work.
Ellis Amdur