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Re: Aikido and pregnancy

I'd be terrified to train while preggers.
I'd most likely only be willing to train with those I could trust to go slow and not tear me up, which is a short list of a few trusted Sempai, my husband or Sensie. To tell you the truth I might not work a whole bunch with beginners. It might sound horrible for me to say this, but to be truthful the only time I've had to take an unwanted break fall or sustained a serious/ painful injury was when working with a 6th kyu. (Well in our dojo there is 1st kyu Corne's seriously unexpected nikkyos lol, but that's only momentary pain!)
I don't know but I think maybe for the first few months a student's intuition and enthusiasm just don't match up.

Adorable babies by the way! ^_^
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