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Re: Best karate style for aikido?

Jim Cooper wrote: View Post
At high kicks, yes, most people are. Of course, my opinion gained actually doing this stuff for 20 years has now been swayed by your extensive youtube research.

There is a reason that high kicks were not in old style (ie more self defence oriented) karate. There is a reason self-defence instructors do not teach high kicks.

You can choose to believe otherwise, of course.
Let's go back and revisit your words.

Jim Cooper wrote: View Post
Scoring kicks to the head are extremely rare in kumite, IME. I've certainly never managed it. Kicks to the body are also rare, except in TKD competitions where they don't bother to try and block them.
Kumite = sparring. You specifically stated that kicks to the head are "extremely rare" in kumite. I disagreed and provided raw, video evidence that kicks to the head are not rare in kumite.

Within minutes, I found all those links on youtube. And the first section was knockout kicks to the head in competition or sparring. With days, months, and years, I could certainly accomplish much, much more than that.

Of course, if you want to bring up your 20 years of experience and put it against the entire world posting videos of competition and sparring, that's entirely your choice. I'm personally not comparing my experiences in kumite with yours. I'm showing real world facts as experienced by everyone outside my personal experience. If you have a problem with all those people - world wide, mind you - negating your 20 years of experience, please take it up with them.

I stand by my reflections -- kicks to the head or body are not rare in kumite, as you noted.

If you want to try to bring into the discussion, self defense applicational usages to muddy up the high-kick kumite discussion, I'd suggest starting a new thread. I'm getting too off topic already.

I'll just leave it and let those reading this thread decide what to believe: you posting that high kicks and body kicks are extremely rare in kumite from your 20 years of experience; or my 10 minute quick Youtube search showing many high kick knockouts, high kicks to the head, and body kicks scoring points in kumite throughout the entire world.
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