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Josh Astridge
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New Caledonia
So I taught my first class...


only about 5 of us turned up.

two green belts
yellow belt
and new comer.

I'm only a white belt but apparently Sensei wanted to see how far my knowledge extended as a grading is coming up next week, and asked the two green belts to take mental notes.

I'm keen to see what he thinks of how I did.

Wednesday is usually open and allow, but i decided to do 1 hour of open and allow and 1 hour of practical.

It went great and it gave me a huge buzz.

We did tai no henko ikkyo for open and allow
for practical we did

Shihonage against punches/knives
Iriminage against punches/knives
Kotagaeshi against punches/knives

think it went great, despite only being a 6 month learner.
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