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Re: Instruction vs. Teaching, some thoughts

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Thank you for the post.

How specifically do you recommend one "study(ing) the art and science of teaching more honestly and intensively"?

My own opinion on this has two aspects. Get out and about. Train with as many great people as possible. If you like the content from one teacher or the technique of another, take it and make it yours. There are so many miraculous people out there. Some of them know how to convey their magic. Take your lead from them; not in imitation of them but as a way to manifest something that they do which touched something in you.

The other side is what Francis said... find out who you are as a student in relation to your art and let that guide you to become more yourself as a teacher. I can honestly say that I don't think there is any time when I feel more genuine, more in touch with myself, more in tune with those around me, more connected to my art as when I am out on the mat doing my thing with a group of students hungry for knowledge. I feel like I was "born to do this".

I think that if you genuinely love to learn and have the overwhelming desire to share what you learn with others, you can have that same feeling.

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