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Bruce Baker
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Out of focus are you ...

I hate to agree with the previous post, as most of them are pretty jerky, but obsessing upon how good or bad you are either for a test or class is an out of focus view of where you should be going.

Tests are the least important reason to practice Aikido. So too is comparing yourself to your peers or other advanced students.

The shallow pursuit may have brought you to start Aikido, but to sustain your spirit there will have to be a deeper, more substantial reason to continue.

If you are amazed at the early criteria for testing, it encompasses a variety of simple principles not all of them being a pretty or slick technique. Depending upon who observes your testing as it progresses, you might think you have physically perfected a technique, but the panel will fail you because don't show full spirit and exhibit flexibility with transitional flow. It won't happen in the early kyu test, but time will temper your practice, knowledge, and eventually transitional flow.

In fact, you shouldn't be worrying about a test, just practice as much as you can .

Believe it or not, a year from now everything will look different, then a year later it will look different again, and so on.

Refocus, and enjoy this early period of discovery. There is so much to learn, then relearn, and relearn again.
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