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Re: passed exam! :)

Christine Knowling wrote: View Post
Thank you Christine!

Jonathan Olson wrote: View Post
Congratulations on your exam. Sounds like your in a sub-optimal situation but making the most of what you have. You should really bring up the lack of instruction of the exam techniques with your sensei. Even with limited time, it's ridiculous to be preparing an exam almost exclusively with a video tape.
Yes, I agree and hope to find a way to tactfully address it.

I was hoping that others, who speak Hungarian natively, would try to address this issue first with the instructor as it can be difficult enough to express clearly ones concerns, without igniting the ego, even when speaking in ones native language...

However this hasnt happened yet, and I have heard various people express their concerns about this. It seems, that in the attempt to be polite, the issue kind of festers... [obviously this leads to bigger problems in the future, such as dojo splits, etc.]

Truth be told, it seems to be part of the culture here to keep your opinions to yourself and stay polite on the outside.

What is needed is the realization that an opinion can be expressed, without making it personal. - i.e., not striking up the ego... which I seem to do when speaking to people in my own native tongue, let alone trying to communicate in a foreign tongue.
[though not intentionally... luckily, my wife is a good translator for me and feels which parts might be taken the wrong way and can shift it to mean what I meant it to.]

But anyway, thanks for the congrats!



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