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In the business world, companies use what is called succession planning. They identify top candidates and embark upon a process whereby potential successors are trained and given additional responsibilities to prepare them to take over in the event of an untimely death. Perhaps the sudden death of Toyoda shihan will serve as a wake up call for aikido organizations to identify and prepare successors formally. By doing so, there will be less or little political fallout. No one can foresee such untimely events but they can prepare for the possibilities. There may still be those preferring to go their own way, however, the organization will have a clear line of succession by identifying multiple successor candidates and ranking them. That way if successor #1 can't take over, then #2 can.

We will never be devoid of politics or monetary issues. If that were true, we would all be part of the Aiki-kai Hombu dojo and not have so many spinter groups grasping for a piece of the pie. However, by taking some basic lessons from business we can perhaps minimize the power struggles likely to occur when the head of an organization meets an untimely death. The issues of stealing students should be dealt with on a case by case basis within the confines of the organization and the alleged thief. Legal remedies may be available for such actions. However, stripping someone of their rank and future affiliation seems a little severe to me. In the past, as Mr. Baker so aptly points out, it has been done for having sex with an underage student (as I understood it). The seriousness of such behavior is reprehensible and should be dealth with severely and most likely legally.