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Re: passed exam! :)

Ashley Carter wrote: View Post
I am glad that all your hard work paid off!
Thanks Ashley!

It was kind of interesting seeing that many of the techniques we dont cover in the dojo, so I had a couple of private lessons to try to prep for the test... only to find out an hour before the test that they were not 'correct'. [...the visiting Sensei who would be testing me... who is 3rd Dan... told me this, so I made the best effort to relearn 3 techniques in an hour.] - and it worked, Im glad my mind was able to adapt to the change, as a couple of the moves were just totally different altogether.

Anyway... nice to have reached this level, in that I do feel comfortable with Aikido now and it makes sense on many levels - both technical but far more important is what I have learned on a spiritual level, as it were. [the whole set up in a foreign country, not knowing the language, etc. already set it up as a challenge to begin with in which to learn and grow.]

Someone asked what my next step was, really its refining what I know, as well as trying to consciously implement the spiritual aspects that I have gained insight to along the way.
[as well as perhaps adding some new techniques if I decide to try to continue through the ranks while here in Hungary.]

The one limiting factor is the amount of time we do focus on training techniques in the higher kyu ranks. From 4th and 3rd kyu many of the techniques we either never practice or seldom practice. - This definitely makes training a challenge. [my 4th kyu was solely passed by training with my kids by watching a tape of a private lesson I paid for.]

So, in a way, I will need to see how things continue to go at the dojo, and then if/when a move takes place re-evaluate the options.

[its not for lack of talent, our instructor is talented, however his time appears to be limited as he is only at training once a week, and recently not even that often.]



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