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Re: Words like God and Ki

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We as a society in the US have become more and more spiritually devoid. Oh, there are plenty of religious folk here, but even they are very materialistic. Just look at the memberships in churches. Those that are growing the fastest are those that focus on the physical realities...the average layman has no more faith in Fatima or Lourdes than they do in UFOs or Bigfoot.
I'm a pretty non-materialistic fellow, but I appreciate the draw to materialism. It's comfortable; practical; you can touch it. You have something to show for yourself. God and ki are pretty ethereal.

It is sad that so many feel it necessary to back the debunkers, the "but one study shows" experts that refuse to see the evidence that there is a God and his Universe is a wondrous place full of marvels and life all surrounded in the Living Matrix or Ki. I hope and pray that those who choose not to see this reality will allow those who do the respect they themselves demand.
I see the intricacies of order and have to wonder if there is God, some meta-purpose. I don't believe there isn't; I don't believe there is. I personally back debunkers because insofaras they debunk, they provide a service toward greater understanding. The trick as I see it is remembering the difference between improbable and impossible, fact and perception; remembering that perception comes entirely (or nearly so) about through some medium and is itself shaped by that medium. I do not see evidence of God. I see evidence of a wonderous thing: existance. It is so amazing that it seems quite possibly designed (for lack of a better word), but I do not forget that for all I know, it's an amazingly vast coincidence, and thus, entirely material.

...and search with awe for the spiritual through my navigation of the material.

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