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Re: Japanese Aikido Teachers - Translation

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Lying on the ground with people holding arms, feet, and neck and then throwing them off of you.

Sitting on the ground cross legged and having people push your head and try to push you over.
There are videos of Chinese guys doing this while standing. So you're saying the mechanics of doing this while lying down or sitting are substantially different from doing it while standing up?

Holding a piece of paper or cloth and throwing someone who grabs that paper or cloth.
And what about this encounter between Wang Xiangzhai and Kenichi Sawai:
Not admitting defeat, Sawai wanted to have a swordplay contest with Wang because he was so skilled at it that he could cut an apple on the head of a man into two without hurting the head. Considering that Sawai should get an idea of what Chinese swordplay was, Wang agreed to have another contest.With a sword held overhead in his hands, Sawai delivered a hard blow at Wang’s head. Wang stepped a bit to the right and wielded his sword to block the opposing sword. As the two swords clanked, Sawai was also thrown several feet away and flattened with his palms benumbed. (According to the son of Sawai, they did not fight with swords but with sticks.)
Not exactly the same, but both entail throwing someone with skin-object-skin contact. Using cloth or paper limits the possibilities ('pushing' will not work), but I don't think that's the substantial part of the demonstration.

Yeah, it's nice that you can get the skills from other sources, like Taiji, but when you want to know how Ueshiba utilized those skills, you have to do them from the filter of Daito ryu aiki.
As you said in your other post, the same indeed applies to the ba duan jin I mentioned.
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