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Re: Japanese Aikido Teachers - Translation

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That's funny, because when Tamura has one arm up and one down, he's doing the ba duan jin.
Yep. Could be the same. Since it's internal and it's from a Chinese art, I wouldn't know. For instance, is there just a ground connection going from palm to feet? The reference doesn't say. Is the connection going from right hand to left foot? Reference doesn't say. Are there spirals happening? Reference doesn't say. Are you deliberately tucking the tailbone like some Chinese arts do? Doesn't say. They have palms facing up and down while Ueshiba has closed hand with a single finger pointing up and one down.

So, while I agree that they could be the same, how do I cross reference that pose which is done by yourself with how Ueshiba used the aiki in a martial context against other people? See what I mean? Yes, the basic skills can be there. But if their usage is different, then where is that link of usage in the Chinese arts? I've at least showed where that usage is listed with Ueshiba and his Daito ryu aiki peers. (sorry, I just had to get in at least one "Daito ryu aiki" phrase. Oops, that's two.)
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