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Re: passed exam! :)

Jeremy Morrison wrote: View Post
Congratulations! Next goal?
Thanks for the Congrats Jeremy - feels good to have reached what I set out to do.

As for the next goal, as it concerns Aikido, a bit hard to formulate in words, [or rather in a few sentences], but I hope to get to it in a blog sooner or later which summarizes my two year journey in Aikido here in Hungary. [it wasnt all technique, a lot was on the spiritual side as well...]

Jason Jordan wrote: View Post
Congratulations man. I am always happy to hear of people progressing....Don't stop now.
Ganbatte Kudasai!!
Thanks Jason, Im clarifying my future goals now that I have reached this step...

Linda Eskin wrote: View Post
Yay, Dalen! Congratulations. I know you put a lot of practice and thought into preparing for your test. Good for you!

Linda (current goal: 6th Kyu )
Hey Linda!

Yes, most definitely did... and there is a little story to tell which is quite interesting in regards to a last minute surprise with the test... but I will have to wait to share.


Thanks again everyone for the congrats... time to eat, crash, then go for some more training tomorrow... and then rest for a week. - lol



dAlen [day•lynn]
dum spiro spero - {While I have breathe - I have hope}


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