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passed exam! :)

Taking a break between seminar classes and wanted to quickly post that I took my 4th test in two years [3rd Kyu] and passed! [pulled off Koshinage without a problem, and interestingly the technique the uke used was a different version which was closer to the ground.]

I have a lot of thoughts/reflections on my two year journey - reaching the goal I had set out for myself. [might sound strange setting a goal for green belt, but I might expound on it later... aikiweb has a blog area I believe.

Anyway, off to eat and rest a bit...

Thanks to all of you who contributed to my koshinage thread and helped to get me used to taking ukemi through your quite detailed descriptions!

dAlen [day•lynn]
dum spiro spero - {While I have breathe - I have hope}


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