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Putting this puppy to bed:

>If Mr. Baker did not make any of the comments, I apologize. However, someone in his organization did.<
Apology accepted. I didn't have an "organization", I had a dojo; if someone wrote anything to anyone, I was never told.

>First, Toyoda sensei's feet were in need of surgery and I wonder how your wife saw his feet since he wore socks the entire seminar.<
Not when he came to greet me and my wife.

>The comment that came back to the AAA dojo was that he looked like he was on his death bed.<
He did, but I never said that publically. My wife, in fact, checked the room to find the phone, so concerned she was that he might need assistance right then.

>I personally heard Toyoda state he had to answer complaints about the examination that were apparently made by someone in Mr. Baker's organization to the IAF. Whateve the channel used it apparently made it there.<
First, now you are saying that I might NOT have contacted the IAF? Also, as others have stated, neither Toyoda Shihan nor the AAA were members of the IAF, so why would he be contacted by them. If you have this part incorrect, perhaps you would like to reconsider what you actually know rather than what you believe before you make anonymous accusations.

>Second, someone in your organization was circulating a rumor of a flyer at the time as well contending Toyoda was giving out rank to black belts in aikido to build his organization. <
"A rumor of a flyer"? What in God's name are you talking about. Is there any part of this you know first hand?

>Whether you were responsible or not someone in your organization was creating considerable disharmony in the Memphis aikido world at the time.<
And you say that you wrote an anonymous letter to my shihan, even though you don't know if I did anything?

You are aware that when I moved to Memphis, the dojo there was being run by a complete fake; fake rank, fake organization, fake certificates. The people in the dojo discovered this, not through me, and asked him to leave and purchased the dojo's contracts from him. They later joined the AAA. When I left Memphis, I encouraged several students to join that dojo and they did so with my blessing. You may ask them.

As for your never meeting me, then you must have been told of my conversation in the dressing room by the man I spoke with. Which makes your information second, if not third hand. And on the basis of this you attack my character?

>Nuf said.<
This I can agree with.