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Re: follow up

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All yudansha affiliated with an organization have IAF registration and cards.
Hmm, I lost the little card years ago, but I still have the yudansha book (I assume that's what you mean). The book is an "International Aikikai Yudansha Card" and is issued by the Aikikai Foundation (at least, that's what it says on the cover). As I understand these things the Aikikai Foundation and the IAF are two seperate but related entities. As I said before, the AAA is not (AFAIK) an IAF member, nor has it ever been, nor is there (to my knowledge) any organization that is an IAF member in the United States.

First, Toyoda sensei's feet were in need of surgery and I wonder how your wife saw his feet since he wore socks the entire seminar. The comment that came back to the AAA dojo was that he looked like he was on his death bed. I personally heard Toyoda state he had to answer complaints about the examination that were apparently made by someone in Mr. Baker's organization to the IAF. Whateve the channel used it apparently made it there.
Sounds to me like a lot of "I heard somebody else say that they heard their friend's uncle say" kind of stuff to me.

Nuf said.
I'll say .