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Originally posted by MaylandL
Hello All

Its wonderful to watch someone take ukemi when 6 months ago, they had the aikidoka flight characteristics of a sack of potatoes.
Hey, Mayland; have we met? 'cause you just described me perfectly!
(Hee hee!)

Just thought I'd throw in one more tidbit:
While everyone's debating on which system is better (colour or white/black), remember that while we all have our favourite; each for their own excellent reasons, it doesn't mean that one way is better - just different. If "Jim-Bob's Smash 'N Bash Aikido Club" uses coloured belts, while the "Bruzdn'Bleedin' Aikido-Rama" uses a white/black system and both dojos are successful, I'd say the argument is moot: Both systems are equally good; just different.
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