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Kyoso and shiai

The difference between kyoso and shiai is subtle in my eyes, and I guess that what I discussed in my column is how to avoid both.

Whether competition is to win a contest or sell more cars, it has its narrow limitations. In the martial arts we know that there is none as challenging to defeat as oneself. In business, setting your standards just to better the competition is making yourself dependent on it.
Competing with others to further one's own professional or social career may bring some rewards, but at a tremendous cost to one's character.

I think it's about time we learn how to win by joining instead of competing. The win-win thing.
Actually, I think that's one of the major attractions in aikido - even to those who claim to do it for self defense or to learn the ultimate martial art. Whatever we say, we love aikido because it allows for everyone to be a winner.

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