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Allow me to share with you what I know about History of Aikido in the Philippines.

Let's start with GALARPE the person who introduce AIKIDO in the Philippines:

Benjamin G. Galarpe, Sr. is the "Kaicho" of
the School of Self-Defense. He began his life of Aikido in Hawaii, 1957 where he was stationed for the US military less than one ear after Aikido was introduced in the Asian pacific by Harry S. Ito. For nearly five years, Benjamin Galarpe was given the chance to earn his black belt in Japan. Upon receiving his belt, and a strong recommendation from Sensei Ito, Galarpe was sent by Japan's World Aikido Hombu as a representative to propagate Aikido in the Philippines. There he introduced Aikido, from which his accomplishments include the organizations from Aikido Clubs in Cebu, Manila, Quezon City, and Quiapo. He retuned to Japan in 1965 to receive his Nidan (2nd dan) from the founder of Aikido, Morihei Uyeshiba before his death in 1969. In 1968, he received his Sandan (3rd dan) under Koichi Tohei. After five years in the Philippines, Galarpe decided to come back to GUAM.

When he returned to GUAM his two most SENIOR students OMAR CAMAR and TONY DEPRISA were given the responsibilty of Philippine territory. Omar Camar being the most senior inherited the SCHOOL which became Philippine AIKIKAI.

For the RECORD GAVILLENO, the founder of COMBAT AIKIDO is not in ANYWAY CONNECTED with this DOJO. Combat aikido now known as TAPONDO before was known as BOKAIDO short for BOXING,KARATE and Aikido, this was in the 70's. Late 70's or Circa 80's it was renamed Combat Aikido. Late 90's renamed TAPONDO.
Once Tony Deprisa Sensei lectured about it during one demo where both was invited. Tony Sensei, mentioned that Combat AIkido is a paradox. Basing it on the principles of Aikido the term is a PARADOX. Aikido is the way of harmony there is no combat in there. C. Aikido is offensive. Traditional Aikido is not.

Omar Camar and T. Deprisa has no connection to Combat AIkido and has not taught and WILL NEVER teach Combat AIkido.Consider this the two being the most senior how could have Gavilenno founded C. Aikido if the two taught C. Aikido before? Get my point?

These TWO had been and always will be AIKIKAI AIKIDO.

BTW, go to the web site of combat Aikido and you will notice several descrepancies in Gavillenos story. Story like Galarpe and him studying Aikido together when Galarpe was still with a 1st Kyu. The year he claims this, Galarpe was in GUAM. Go figure.

Hey maybe we can practice together sometime nice to hear from someone near.
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