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Marc Abrams
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Re: 043) Just Because The Person Is Coming To Kill You, Does Not Mean That You Canno


Your observation is absolutely correct. That is why a true sociopath intent on a violent act is so hard to read and to properly react to.


I agree with your assessment about an attacker choosing maai. However, as long as you keep a calm, positive and connected center, the attacker almost always comes too close to you from the perspective of you being able to accurately read and subtly influence what happens next. That is my experience at least. I frequently practice this, where I ask students to approach and attack me in any manner of their choosing. Most of my students have substantial training in other forms of martial arts and are not afraid to tag me. I work hard at getting my students to honesty attack one another in a safe and measured manner so as to help them refine this skill.

Marc Abrams
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