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X-ray yes, MRI no, I am being treated by an orthopedic surgeon who has an excellent reputation and whom I know personally from a previous accident involving a smashed elbow some 5 years ago, not aikido related by the way, more walking the dog kind of thing. Ergoscopy is a surgical procedure involving a few small cuts to the skin and first looking into the knee with a very small camera. If the camera shows damage to the meniscus and cartilage of the knee, it can be removed using very small surgical instruments. A torn meniscus does not heal by itself and if there are pieces of cartilage or meniscus 'floating' around in my knee they will not disappear by themselves. Although taking good care of my knees has kept me going on for years with this problem, this time is different, believe me I've just been awake half the night because my knee hurts. Isn't there anyone who has been through this procedure on this forum? or something similar? Where I'm from it is quite a normal procedure.


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