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Re: 043) Just Because The Person Is Coming To Kill You, Does Not Mean That You Canno

Ricky Wood wrote: View Post
The most dangerous of all is the person that can approach with intent to harm while presenting a benevolent demeanor. Many serial killers and child molesters have the uncanny ability to mask their true intentions.
Was about to say something similar. Well said.

Also, there is another side to this situation:
This creation of distance between two or more people happens at a pre-conscious level. We do not think to feel a sense of discomfort, we simply feel it. What we choose to do with that feeling is another story altogether. The saying "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer" comes alive when we explore the concept of proper distance. We can have a far greater impact upon a potential aggressor when the aggressor is within arms reach.
Alternatively, within arms reach the potential aggressor can also have a far greater impact on us. You are in essence describing (from a Tomiki Aikido perspective) the ideal ma ai of Aikido (arm's length - issoku itto) as compared to the ideal ma ai of grappling such as Judo or Jujutsu (inside of arm's length and closer). The ma ai determines ones strategic and tactical options. More distance often allows more space and time to redirect and create change before reaching a critical point where decisive action must be taken whether the situation is friendly or otherwise.

The positive and centered energy that we strive to put forth in confrontational settings allows us to control the distance in a manner that is allow us to act at a distance that is too close for the other person to respond effectively, while allowing us to apply effective applications of techniques.
I think this may need to be clarified a bit for me to understand better.

A counter-exercise to what was described in the beginning is to ask the person with aggressive intent to approach the subject and stop at the point where they feel most comfortable to launch a successful attack. You will find that the aggressor will take up the best ma ai where the success factor for the attack is high but the creation of openings for counter-attack is minimized. So imho a person with aggressive intent also selects his ma ai to his liking, the thing is that this ma ai is also very close to that used by Aikidoists so when met with an inexperienced attacker it can be easily manipulated.

Think of this as the difference between a fight between skilled opponents who know the other person can exploit any opening, and a drunk, angry bully who plans to dominate without really thinking about his own safety. One is very careful, deliberate, centered and controlled in aggression, the other is often not and easy to off-balance.

Just my 5 cents. Interesting topic. We do a similar sort of practice.


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