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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 13

Hello Raul,

I spent a few hours at the Hombu Dojo yesterday and this included a number of conversations with Doshu.

At one point we discussed aikido history and the present situation, especially the difference between Morihei Ueshiba's worldview and Doshu's own. I can tell you that Doshu laughed aloud at the prospect of a novel full of juicy murders at a summer training seminar. He also laughingly suggested that I should perhaps have it published posthumously, but he promised to read it very carefully and work out for himself who all the fictional characters really were/are.

So, my motivation has been 'renewed'.


Raul Rodrigo wrote: View Post
I can see it now: "It has to be felt" by Peter Goldsbury, a martial arts thriller patterned after "The Name of the Rose," where one top shihan after another is murdered as aikidoka pursue a fabled aikido scroll wherein Morihei confided the secrets of internal training. In the end, a top shihan burns the dojo to the ground and eats the scroll to keep the secret.

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